Diary of a Mad County

Actually, something good may come of all of this. Reagan's death has the issue of stem-cell research back at the forefront, since scientists say it's critical to battling diseases such as Alzheimer's. Fifty-seven U.S. senators sent a letter to George W. Bushasking him to relax his restrictions on the research, but, through a spokesman, Bush said he "believes we can explore the promise and potential of stem-cell research using the existing lines of stem cells." See, because he's a scientist now and, anyway, most of his scientific focus is being directed toward the development of a non-lethal pretzel.

TUESDAY, June 8 Spent this morning commiserating with a total stranger about the Lakers, who play again tonight. There is nothing that unites us more than the shared torturous love and hate of this team, which is like the craziest girlfriend you ever had: constantly disappointing and humiliating you except for a few moments of exquisite pleasure when she shows up at your place at 2 in the morning, horny and returning your Fiat Spyder that she took without asking. Frigging Lakers. The guy I was talking to was naked, as was I. Standing there, naked and wet in the locker room of our health club, we were brothers in passion, regret and moistness. I felt very close to this nude, damp man. Probably should check the Register and then tell the wife.

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