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Now boarding: B-52 Kate Pierson

Oh, she's fantastic. She and Gail Ann Dorsey and I started doing the Chanteuse at Joe's Pub. We wanted it to be with rotating singers with us as the core performers. The only rule is that we sing without a lot of instrumentation, just with piano or guitar. It's not really traditional cabaret—we do mostly original stuff—but at the end, we all sing together on "Up, Up and Away" and "Love Will Keep Us Together." It's really fun. Debbie Harry is going to do it soon, and Christina Amphlett of the Divinyls.

You never stop! Then you have your new Kate's Lazy Meadow 1950's motel in the Catskills!

I'm here at the Lazy Meadow right now! I'm not working, of course. I'm lazying here in the meadow. It's so beautiful—the trees are blooming, and there's a creek, and Pearl, my English Bulldog, just ran through the mud and is running all around like a dirty little hippo. I just got back from the tour, so I'm trying to rest up.

How's your hair?

[laughs] It's tired, too! It's been standing up for so many years. I don't really do the wig thing anymore. When the weather calls for a wig, you should put one on, but sometimes you can outcamp yourself. So I think the giant wig has had its day.

Well, wig or not, you're still hot.


The B-52's perform with Scissor Sisters and the Messies at the House Of Blues, 1530 Disneyland Dr., Anaheim (714) 778-2583. Sun., 8:30 p.m. $52.50-$55. All ages (16 and under with guardian). For info on Kate's Lazy Meadow Motel, go to
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