Diary Of A Mad County

TUESDAY, June 1 Just got the June issue of The Firing Line, the publication of the Fullerton-based California Rifle and Pistol Association. You really got to feel for these people. They put out a professional and serious publication with in-depth discussion of state legislation as well as columns on legal and medical questions. In a column on the Patriot Act this month, a writer says, "No patriot would sign their name to such an abomination." Very nice. But, like The Orange County Register, The Firing Line can't run away from who their readers are, especially when they write. This month's Letters page features a missive titled "Red Rover! Red Rover! You are Dared Over!" which taunts Mexicans, apparently at the business end of a gun. Then there's the Über Allessounding "Let's Re-Take California!" But the craziest is "Stop the Carnage," which would seem to suggest it is a plea for peace but actually seems to be a plea for more carnage, buckets and buckets of the stuff. In the long and rambling letter, G.H., of some place called Boulevard, talks about Mullahs, suicide bombers, the "Holy Gestapo," Martin Luther (The civil-rights leader? The 16th-century religious reformer? We're not sure, but G.H. says he's "not suitable son-in-law material) and pigs ("demonic and far more 'unclean' than mere microbes could possibly make them"). Now that's good crazy. G.H. takes over Gordon Dillow's (G.D.) old column space in the Reg next week.

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