My Duet With Lucinda Williams!

And My Quick Exit

The evening started with a rollicking almost-fistfight between ad wizard JZ and some lady in a minivan, and it only got better from there. I'd never been because it's so trendy and expensive and everyone has such good hair. I leave these things to Mary Reilly.

But, oh! When it's free? And you're not paying for those adorable private lanes with the sitting area of very chic couches? And they're playing nonstop Human League, and you can't stop twitching your ass when it's your turn on the lane, and your ass twitching is funny at first but then you're just a drunk? And the waitresses are there every three minutes because you are an importantdrunk?

By all means. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 3, is my small buttercup of a son's 10th birthday. Unfortunately, you can't e-mail him because he doesn't have e-mail because, since he is almost 10, he would probably use it for porn. And Disney stuff. And Disney porn. But if you are not a molester trying to meet young boys in chat rooms, you may e-mail him at I will be confiscating the porn.

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