Haidl Your Daughters

"Why isn't she being charged with this crime?"

Spann runs off-screen, into the Haidls' house. Doe's body looks as if it might fall off the pool table.

Haidl turns off the Sony Hand-Held camera at 2:10 am.

"She couldn't fight back," Hess had said in his opening statement. "She couldn't say 'no.' They took turns raping her and they danced with joy when they did it. . . . They danced, smiled and laughed."


During the viewing, the three defendants sat facing the jury. Nachreiner scribbled on a notepad and only rarely looked up and then away as if bored. Spann kept his eyes mostly on the table in front of him. Haidl watched occasionally and looked nauseated. The teens wore slacks and a white or blue button-down with a tie each day--no suits; apparently the defense is hoping to strike a prep-school look. When jurors watched the defendants insert the foreign objects, all three boys stared down. Morreale studied his notes. Barnett busied himself with paperwork. Cavallo's eyes darted quizzically between the monitor and the jury box.

Jurors watched intensely. Many looked disgusted. A few took notes. During certain graphic moments on the video, heads jerked back and pained expressions formed. At the conclusion, several sighed. Two shook their heads. One female juror glared momentarily at the defendants, who seemed determined to avoid eye contact. In that instant, defense lawyers might have accepted Hess's offer of 27-year terms.

The trial is expected to last until late June, but this defense team--which will parade numerous witnesses to destroy Jane Doe's character--is resilient. Within minutes of the video viewing, they fired back. The videotape is "our best weapon," Morreale told the jury. "This case is not about what's on the screen, but about what you can't see."

Defense attorney John Barnett

It was a heavy television day for the jury, which wrapped up Day 2 with another video, this one of a July 9 post-incident medical exam of Doe's mouth, vagina and anus. On the witness stand, nurse Patricia Young testified that Doe's tongue and head were sore and that there were patches of redness in her throat. During a genital inspection, she said, "there were so many tears" that she could see many without the aid of a scope. She discovered 10 "jagged" tears in the rectum alone.

When it was Barnett's turn to cross-examine Young, he pounced. He proposed that the injuries could be caused by either consensual or non-consensual sex.

"Right," said Young.

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