Haidl Your Daughters

"Why isn't she being charged with this crime?"

Haidl had provided a soundtrack to the sex recorded by his Sony Hand-Held camcorder. It was bass-heavy hip-hop, with lyrics such as, "We like pussy. We like pussy. We like pussy . . . Fuck an asshole too . . . We just want to have sex!"

The girl is heard only at the beginning of the tape, after the boys had given her a Bud Lite, a couple of hits of marijuana and a mixed drink they claim was Bombay Gin and 7-Up. Police suspect the drink, made by Nachreiner, was laced with GHB, a fast-acting synthetic drug occasionally used by date rapists. The illegal substance can knock out unsuspecting victims for hours.

Defense attorney Joe Cavallo

Hess had said the opening shot features Haidl on the garage sofa with Jane Doe, who is holding a beer. Haidl tries to lift her shirt.

"You're trying to take my clothes off, huh, Greg?" she says, slurring her words. "I'm so fucked up."

The three defendants smile into the camera. One of the boys says, "Slick-ass me!" Later, someone yells, "Nigger!"

The next scene shows a naked Doe on her knees in front of the couch. At first, it looks like she is orally copulating Nachreiner and is moving. But soon the viewer learns that a well-endowed Spann has entered the unconscious Doe doggy-style and Nachreiner is holding her head up, forcing her mouth up and down on his penis. Moans are heard. The boys mug happily for the camera.

Hess had earlier told the jury what comes next: "Haidl slaps Jane Doe hard on the buttock to which she doesn't respond." Nachreiner can be seen looking at the girl's unresponsive face, and says, "All right, she look pretty much good!"

The sex continues on the couch. The force of Spann's intercourse constantly moves her body. Nachreiner, still seeking oral pleasure, complains, "You're making her eat my fucking dick with her mouth. Come on!" He then lifts and holds Doe so that her body is on top of his. He enters her vagina. Spann tries to stick his penis in the girl's mouth, but her head swivels uncontrollably and he can't fit it in. Hess said Doe's body was "flopping like a rag doll." The defendants whisper and then point. "Pool table! Pool table!" they yell.

Moving the girl toward the pool table, they drop Doe on her face. According to prosecutors, she doesn't flinch.

Once on the pool table, Doe is again visibly unconscious. Her legs are spread, and Haidl zooms in for a close-up of Doe's genitals. He sticks his finger in and out of her vagina; she has no reaction. Wearing a red cap backwards, Spann mugs for the camera. Doe's face is shown, her eyes shut. She is motionless. Haidl returns for more shots of Doe's vagina. One of the defendants says, "Let me take your spot" and someone replies, "No. No. Fuck that! Fuck that!"

Hess said Spann next rapes Doe again. Haidl focuses the camera on Spann's penis entering Doe. From the public seating section, we can hear the sound of intercourse on something like a squeaky bed. "Oh, hell yeah! Oh, that feels great. That's fantastic! That feels so good. That's some fantastic shit. Oh yeah!" a boy says. Haidl takes shots of the girl's expressionless face from multiple angles. The boys laugh. Spann eventually pulls his penis out, masturbates until he ejaculates on Doe's stomach, grabs her bra, uses it to wipe off his penis and then tosses it on the floor. Shaking his hand sideways—like a baseball umpire--Spann apparently signals to his buddies that Doe is still out.


But the video goes on.

Haidl grabs a Snapple bottle and laughs as he pushes it into Doe's vagina. He then switches to a small aluminum fruit juice can, but has difficulty inserting it into Doe's vagina along with the bottle. One of the defendants says helpfully, "Just spit on it and it will go in deep." The camera zooms to Doe's unconscious face. Laughter. Haidl spits on her vagina and shoves the bottle in faster and harder and says, "Oh, yeah!" He alternates using the bottle and the can for penetration. More laughter. Nachreiner holds the bottle up to Doe's face. Spann pulls and pushes on Doe's nipple. Haidl puts a burning cigarette filter-first into Doe's vagina and leaves it there. Laughter.

The last section of the video shows Haidl and Nachreiner penetrating Doe's vagina with the large end of a regulation-sized pool stick. They shove it in repeatedly, dance, laugh and mug for the camera. Haidl slaps her stomach three times in rhythm with the blaring hip-hop music. One defendant asks—out of curiosity or perhaps as a challenge--how deeply they can force the pool stick. Spann and Haidl put their hands on Doe's lower abdomen to see whether they can feel the penetrated stick. Nachreiner jams the pool stick into her vagina until Haidl holds Doe's butt cheeks apart so Nachreiner can insert the stick into her anus. During penetration, Haidl slaps her butt hard. Doe lies seemingly lifeless. The boys toss Doe on her stomach. They use the pool stick on her vagina, anus and then on her vagina again. Doe does not so much as flinch, but begins peeing on herself; a puddle spreads on the pool table. There is laughter and giggling. Someone says, "Fuck, yeah!" Then another defendant yells, "Stop! Stop!"

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