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As scandal engulfs the Sheriffs Department, Carona fires his high-profile assistant

That approval came on the morning of Wednesday, March 17. County firings customarily occur on Fridays, but Carona didn't delay. He knew news of the FBI probe was imminent, and sources say he didn't want the public to believe he had reacted only to federal pressure. Within minutes of the decision from human resources, he ordered staff to change the lock on Jaramillo's office.

The assistant sheriff entered the building at about noon and found members of the dignitary-protection unit waiting to usher him into a brief, curt meeting with Carona. He was fired on the spot. Jaramillo asked if he had any options and was told he could only concur or not with his dismissal. After collecting Jaramillo's Sheriff's Department-issued gun, cell phone and car keys—everything but the badge—the dignitary-protection unit drove an "incensed" Jaramillo to his Rancho Santa Margarita home. There, he reportedly told deputies that Carona would have to personally take his badge.

On Saturday, March 20, Jaramillo returned to the Sheriff's Department at about 11 a.m. to collect his belongings. FBI agents holding a search warrant had been there just three hours before. They confiscated the former assistant sheriff's files and computer. When Jaramillo walked in, there remained on the wall framed photographs of scenes such as Newport Harbor. He began to pack the pictures, but in a final indignity, a deputy told him to put them back. The pictures belong to the Sheriff's Department.

Photo by OCW staff

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