In a recent article, Chris Ziegler wrote about the "Ground Flor" event that takes place the first Saturday of the month at the Spurgeon Building in Santa Ana ["Overloaded," March 5]. Three people have contributed equally a total of two years' worth of hard work and creative influence to make this engaging event what it is today. I was completely mystified, therefore, to see that the entire article is dedicated to the influence of Teresa De La Torre, at the expense of the other two equal contributors: Rob Roy and Tara Verdugo. My disappointment then turned to sheer anger when the writer completely misrepresented the work of founder Tara Verdugo—describing a piece of "blown-out Super-8 film loops" onto balloons as her work. Anyone paying even minimal attention to the show's installation pieces would have noticed that Verdugo's photographs were featured in the main gallery, and her digital media piece was also featured in the courtyard. While mistakes in journalism are common, this does have an enormous effect on the two artists who were carelessly confused in this article.

Dawn Verdugo
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