Sweet and Loh Down

Congressman, don't let anyone tell you you won't be missed.

MUST-SEE TVC Traditional Values Coalitionpresident Andrea Lafferty—the daughter of the Anaheim- and Washington, D.C.-based, gay-hating ministry's founder the Reverend Lou Sheldon—writes to the producer of NBC's The West Wing complaining about the March 3 show. The fictional program (so fictional it has liberals running the White House) makes reference to the "Traditional Values Alliance" and its motto "The Lord Hates Homosexuals." Wrote Lafferty: "This sounds to me like the Reverend Fred Phelps, who pops up in real life (way too often) arguing 'God Hates Fags.' The Traditional Values Coalition has publicly criticized Reverend Phelps for this outrageous distortion of the Gospel, particularly some of the stunts he and his followers have done concerning the death of Matthew Shepard." Gee, Andrea, how very straight of you. Will you sign my petition calling for the legalization of gay marriage? The last time Clockwork mentioned Lafferty, she was complaining about something she heard on public radio (it all comes full circle, baby!). Gotta wonder about her viewing and listening habits.
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