While I applaud your efforts to publicize the Jan. 28 protest in Long Beach [Nick Schou's "This Little Piggy Whores for Markets," Feb. 6], characterizing the Los Angeles Times' coverage of the supermarket strike as "pro-management" seems off the mark. You refer to one op-ed piece that was indeed pro-management but neglect to mention the many editorials and letters to the editor that have expressed different views. Also, that the paper ran stories detailing the salaries of both labor leaders (excessive) and supermarket executives (outrageous) on the same page seems fair enough. It's up to the readers to then connect the dots.

Matthew Woods

Via e-mail


Nick Schou responds: I agree that it's up to theTimes readership to connect the dots in the paper's coverage—and in this case, lack thereof—of the supermarket strike. As a member of that readership, that's exactly what I did—connect the dots.

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