The Critic

Thanks to his blundering defense, we now know about Gregory Haidls graphic performance on an X-rated DVD

Public ignorance of the images was Cavallo's last, best ally in a case that swings on the DVD. Those who've seen it say it's deadly to Haidl's case. And now, thanks to Cavallo, they say, we all know what it shows.

"All three of those guys took out their sick sexual fantasies on an unconscious girl," said one law-enforcement source familiar with the video's contents. "And it was Gregory Haidl who was laughing and dancing around and mugging for the camera as he personally directed his friends on what to do to the victim. He grabbed her ass. He squeezed her breast. He shoved the foreign objects in her. I don't care that he didn't put his penis in her or not.

"Despite Mr. Cavallo's showboating, his client is just as responsible for the rape as the other two guys."

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