Like Drugs!

Thats what Johnny Mathis voice is!

Mathis is 68 now, his voice still a lush marvel sent here and preserved by a benevolent, holy being. He's slowing down, performing a handful of dates when he dang well feels like it and releasing a new album once every few years. He doesn't have much of a public presence; you won't see him kibitzing the talk-show circuit or turning up on The Hollywood Squares. When Mathis surfaces, you can bet it's because he wants to, rather than out of any sense of obligation or yearning for publicity.

"I'm a rare bird in that I'm uncomfortable with the celebrity part of this," he says. "I like the music. I like to perform, and I like to sing and interact with my musicians—that all has a life of its own. Then when the celebrity part comes in, it completely takes me for a loop; I don't know quite how to deal with it. So I save singing for when I really want to do it; I don't do it as a chore. And lately, I'd say in the past 10 years or so, I've been singing less and playing more golf."

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