"Let's go to Chat Noir!"

"I'm not going to fucking Chat Noir! Eveeeerrrr! As long as I fucking liiiive! Let's go to the Quiet Woman!"

"Well, I'm going wherever Kedric's going, because the drinks will be free. Kedric's buying me drinks."

"Kedric's buying me drinks."

"Kedric's buying me . . . horck!"

"Are you okay? You're okay! Come on, sweetie! Let's go find Kedric and get some drinks!"

Okay, so she didn't actually horck, but it was close! Like where you have to swallow your horck because you ate bad pork! What do you want to bet that pretty girl didn't make it to junior high school cheerleader practice the next day?

And that's what made it the Great Moment of the Week!

Ready? okay! CommieGirl99@hotmail.com.

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