Whos Your Daddy?

Its Rebecca Schoenkopf!

But then Seebach just goes off on a spree: "Nearly half of households classified as poor own their own homes," she writes. No shit? Families of three earning $14,702 a year (the legal definition of poverty in this country—and there are 35 million people who fit that bill) own their own homes? That's fabulous—inMxylplyx land!

We did call the Rocky Mountain News to see if maybe Seebach got that statistic somewhere besides her own crazy brain, but nobody called us back by press time. Anyway, she ends her column, "Of course, most people in poverty would rather not be, but the image is often more dire than the reality and that's worth remembering."

That sweet, sweet soul.

Great Moment of the Week!

"Okay," said Commie Mom. "I've decided on my candidate! Guess who it is!" So it wasn't John Kerry, then, her former favorite. Clearly it wasn't Joe Lieberman. Couldn't be flaky Carole Mosely Braun. Al Sharpton? No. Must be Dennis Kucinich!

"No! John Edwards!" Commie Mom said, and then she added the words that would make it the Great Moment of the Week!

"You were absolutely right about him!"

I'd seen Edwards speak to the movers and (martini) shakers of the Orange County Democratic Foundation; he was progressive and extremely intelligent and well-spoken. When I told Commie Mom about him, she just sniffed. "Too slick!" she sneered, buying into the bad media raps that he's shallow and too pretty.

"I want to hear the words, 'Rebecca, you were so absolutely right and I was wrong, wrong, wrong' come out of your mouth right now, Mom!" I said.

And they did!

Who's your daddy now, Commie Mom?

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