George Bush on Ecstasy

A talk with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter

The answer is: of course, we don't. It's not our job.

So, when people come forward now and say that we were justified to go into Iraq because of Hussein and the brutal crimes he committed, they're simply putting up a smoke screen to hide their real reasons for intervention. These reasons had nothing to do with al Qaeda or weapons of mass destruction.

Why are we in Iraq?

The president stated this in his National Security strategy document in September 2002. This is about American unilateralism. It's about the imposition of an American hegemony on the world. Listen to what Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld told the U.S. senate since the invasion of Iraq: Going into Iraq is the first step in a transformation of the entire Middle East to suit those ends.

Will we extricate ourselves from Iraq anytime soon?

This is the tragedy of it all. One of the reasons I argued so vociferously against this war was that I knew this was a war we couldn't win. War is an extension of politics. There is a difference between military victory and winning the war. We have the best military in the world, but we're still going to lose this war because we don't have a solid foundation on which we're building our presence in Iraq. We got into Iraq on a lie. The international community is not supporting us. The Iraqi community is not supporting us. This is going to collapse.

We're going to be stuck in Iraq for a decade. Americans are going to die for the next 10 years. Then we are going to leave Iraq in defeat. We will have never achieved anything meaningful though our intervention. The people of Iraq have suffered for 30 years under a brutal dictatorship, and now we are guaranteeing that they're going to suffer for decades to come.

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