Un Poquito Es Mas

Celebrating T-Day Eve 2003 with Buddha and the boys from Argentina

After such a hectic holiday, it was only wise for me to lay low, so I headed up to Old Town Pasadena on Friday and let Ryan buy me a Long Island Iced Tea while Pat, the drummer from Ozma, convinced me to fly to an island off Belize with him for two weeks in the spring. Saturday was saved for a low-key night with Dan Savage and Skipping Towards Gomorrah, but by Sunday night, I was primed to rejoin Orange County society, recruiting Marie for a trek out to the Kitsch Bar and a set by DJs Dan and Kristina B. As part of Kitsch's new weekly Sunday night offering "Relax," resident spinstress Kristina's mellow, sleepy bossanova grooves had even the bartender—playing cards at the bar—feeling at ease. As the heavy-for-a-Sunday crowd swelled and our generously-poured gin and tonics kicked in, the room temperature rose and the Kitsch transformed into a dim incubator of warm, sleepy, delicious hipster bliss. And really, is there any other place—okay, other than in the arms of a fetching Argentinean—that you'd rather spend a Sunday night?

This week, try out the best pick-up line ever at Wabo'z, the new bar in Huntington Beach that took over for Therapy—yes, Therapy: that other new bar that opened two months ago, only to close two weeks ago. Then on Friday, if you're not headed over to The Camp for OC/DC, a night of music and fashion benefiting America Works for Kids, then take a tip from my friend Josh and grab some pints at either of The Olde Ship's two locations in Fullerton or Santa Ana. On Saturday, check out Ozma's show at the Glass House and hit up Pat for an invite to Belize before getting cozy with Kristina B. and Jason Valdez at the Kitsch Bar on Sunday. Clubbed! reader Mike suggests that Dave's Other Place in Seal Beach—"so dank, it's addictive"—is a great place to spend your Monday evening, so be sure to check it out while prepping for Tuesday night's karaoke night at Martini Blues. Lastly, on Wednesday, join me as I take Darren up on his invitation and check out—barring any dog-sitting debacles this time—Definitely Maybe at Memphis in Costa Mesa. Woof!

I like cats, better, anyway. Invite me out! egriley@ocweekly.com.

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