A Weekly groundling responds: You see, Martin, ye've got yourself boarlike trapped in a misprision of your trade: that those lags of us down here in the dark pit would give flatus for the players and the hands. No, we hunger for mere—but not so mere—story, man, a tale to translate our paltry lives into royalty for a moment. If done aright, we should no more see you than we see the dead.


I am a striking grocery worker. I thought Vons CEO Steve Burd was the meanest guy on the planet (single moms who have worked their whole life for the company don't need health care?). That is until I read about William D. Singleton of MediaNews Group [Dave Wielenga, "Safe for Now," Oct. 31]. He's the real Hitler and makes Burdbrain look like a choirboy. The guy is evil! He demonstrates corporate greed at its worst.

Harold Manning
Via e-mail


Ellen Griley's column about Lucky Strike Lanes ["Clubbed: Don't Spare Me," Oct. 31] said that the lanes were "meticulously waxed." In fact, bowling lanes are oiled on a regular basis, not waxed. There are several different oil patterns used; these are called "conditions." The different patterns affect the level of difficulty. I really enjoy bowling, but I know some real hard-cores and believed I should send in this correction on their behalf. Join a league, it's fun. Bowling chicks rule!

Steve Wrubel
Via e-mail
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