Upon reading Matt Coker's A Clockwork Orange column in the Nov. 7 edition, we see that he thinks it's a laughing matter to perpetuate the idea that Jews are the correct and conveniently perfect scapegoat for every problem in failing societies. Perhaps Coker will think the following is funny also: as a Jew, I'd like to rip your fucking head off. Let this letter be a warning and the opening salvo to Orange County skinheads and anti-Semites. Jew bashing around here ends now!

Aaron Berger
Via e-mail

Matt Coker responds: Aaron, take two Tom Lehrer's Greatest Hits albums and call me in the morning.


I hate to have to tell the seemingly brainless Elizabeth Egloff [Steve Mikulan's "The Big Chill," Nov. 14] that the Democrats do have a machine, and it dwarfs www.DefendReagan.org. It's called ABC, CBS, NBC, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and our own OC Weekly.

John Machado
Orange County Drum & Percussion
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