Lets Get Physical

Beware the Pinnochian underworld of Ocean Brewing Co.

Thirty minutes later, the pint was empty and the second Michael Jackson song of the evening was on. Having some years ago undertaken the immensely dorky task of learning all the moves to the "Thriller" music video—as well as "Beat It," for what it's worth—I now proceeded to demonstrate to the drunk lady, the dancing suits and the rest of the bar just how superior I was at making little scary monster arms and shuffling back and forth. And I was! Because when you're at Ocean Brewing Co. and you've had a pint of their red stuff, you really do became whomever it is you want to be. Even if it's Michael Jackson.

This week, jump on the party wagon Thursday, Nov. 14, in Long Beach as Club 49 presents Pink, still another night of '80s music—but this time with all the hot city college chicks who are linked to the club on Friendster. On Friday, if you're not catching the Willowz at 51 Buckingham in Pomona or John Doe Thingat the Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana, then head to the thrift store and buy a new cardigan for Saturday's Death Cab for Cutie show at the Glass House—the perfect nearer alternative to Josh Rouse's show at the Troubadour that same night. On Sunday, head over to Detroit for a show by Elefant and Vale. If by Monday you are all rocked-out, then take a tip from Kevin from Fielding and head over to the Liquid Lounge—no, not the club, but rather the dive bar in Long Beach, who knew?—and feast on dirt-cheap pitchers. And you'll need to save your money because on Tuesday, The Anniversaryplays Chain Reaction, while John spins an eclectic mix of ear-ecstasy at Kitsch Bar. Finish strong on Wednesday: stay in with a sixer, and practice your best "Beat It" dance-off moves. You'll need them should you ever come across me on the Ocean Brewing Co. dance floor. Bring it!

I need a life! Invite me out!


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