Last Week, the DJ Saved My Life

Kitsch Bars John and Avalons Garron drive me crazy in a good way

However, all the free drinks, food and Norm-from-the-first-Real-World-season sightings in the world couldn't change the fact that the after-party was held directly following the world-premiere screening of Charlize Theron's upcoming film Monster. Not—let me stress: not; in fact, an Oscar nomination for Theron? You heard it here first!—that the film itself was bad because it was quite impressive, in an it'll-make-you-want-to-kill-yourself type of way (read: Boys Don't Cry). But holding a party after screening a tragic film about a rape survivor/hooker-turned-serial killer? Please, yo, next time consult me first! That's even worse than the fact they overbooked the theater for the screening—really: who does that?!—it's totally a Hollywood-party how-not-to-do!

If the fact that our neighbors to the north are severely lacking in their party-planning skills isn't enough to keep you around here this week, then perhaps the Quails show—presenting gender-bending Sleater-Kinney-esque rock at its finest—on Thursday at Koo's will be. If that doesn't do it for you, then check out Detroit on Friday as it presents a special Bristol Sessions two-year anniversary event, featuring Doc Martin and house music courtesy of DJs Danny Love and Lil' Brandon. On Saturday, the for-charity (tagline: "Helping Some Dudes Under a Bridge") Pedro Sideways exhibit at the Walled City gallery in San Pedro closes, so if you haven't yet taken a ride over the Vincent Thomas, this is your last chance. Then on Sunday, if hip-hop is your thing, don't miss DJ Eric Cubiche's birthday bash set during the House of Blues' Detour. The karaoke night at the V-Room in Long Beach is where I'll be on Monday, and you should join me, unless you're resting up for the Liquid Den's post-punk/no-wave sets on Tuesday. Lastly, be there at Quan's in Orange on Wednesday as it transitions into a Rockin' Sushi joint with a new '80s/glam night, Club Thriller. I'll buy you one of their two-buck shooters, but only if you request some New Order for me!

I'm curious: what do YOU do on Mondays? Invite me out!

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