Feel the Love

FIELD-STORM TROOPERS The Orange city clerkon Nov. 13 received petitions with more than 9,000 signatures from residents seeking a March 2004 city vote on the controversial Sully-Millerhousing project. Foes of the wildly dangerous development (see numerous stories on the Weeklywebsite by logging onto and typing "Fieldstone" into the search field) need only 5,847 valid signatures to qualify the ballot measure. This grassroots democracy by the all-volunteer Orange Citizens for Parks and Schools(OCPS) succeeded despite an intimidation campaign by project developer Fieldstone Homes, whose employees harassed OCPS signature-gatherers and whose spokesman Phillip Bettencourtdug through garbage cans outside the OCPS office. But in a Nov. 12 Orange County Registerstory, Fieldstone exec Steve Cameronpainted themselves as victims, whining that someone from OCPS called one of his drones a "prostitute." Steve, you're right: workers who spend their off days turning dirty tricks for their boss aren't whores—they're slaves. Join the fight for emancipation by visiting the OCPS website at

Gustavo Arellano contributed to this week's report.
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