Wiggers With Attitude

The Righteous Brothers, back in the hood

Blue-eyed soul didn't die out as the Bros. faded into the sunset; it had a brief resurgence during the '80s in the hands of such talented-but-wussified singers as Mick Hucknall, Michael McDonald, Paul Carrack, and Hall & Oates. Somewhere out there, Wayne Cochran is cringing in horror. One could even argue the studied wiggerdom of blue-eyed soul endures to this day in the hands of rappers (wappers?) such as Eminem and Kid Rock, whose desperate run from their Caucasian origins accounts for a large measure of their celebrity. Thankfully, this malady never afflicted our own Righteous Brothers, who as far as I know uttered nary a "yo, wassup" in their entire 40 years on the scene.

Peace, out.

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