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So now we have Kobe girls, low-rent skanks blanketing the county with fliers shilling Fair Play for Kobe [Heather Reger's "Kobe's Angels," Oct. 17]. What next? Defrocked priests for Kobe? The website is out there selling gear and leading cheers, but don't get any hopes up. Doesn't mean a damn thing in a court of law. As for those downloadable sexual-consent forms, let's hope the website has one for Kobe. If he's convicted, he'll need one for his new roommate.

JaneyRuth Rimmer
Mission Viejo


Chris Ziegler's "Suburban Rasputin" [Oct. 10] is a little coarser and more cartoonish than, say, Hemingway's "A Clean Well-Lighted Place," but that is due to Wally of fond memory himself. This is the kind of writing that makes me search out your paper every week. Bravo! I don't know much about Mr. Ziegler, but now I know he has monster chops.

Bill Flocken
via e-mail

Wally George had what few polemicists do: a sense of humor.

Craig Slevart
Newport Beach


This is the best cover you have ever run ["Welcome to California! Now Show Us Your Tits!" Oct. 10]! Congratulations. I think perhaps you have created the new state motto. Welcome to California! Well done.

R.W. Ritchie
Los Angeles

Unfortunately, the OC Weekly doesn't seem to have a trace of the integrity of its northern counterpart in LA, where [LA Weekly's] Bill Bradley revealed the LA Times stories about Arnold for what they were: a left-wing attempt by a left-wing paper to keep a left-wing governor in office. Instead, the OC Weekly put a picture of our governor [-elect] on the cover with the spurious and disgusting phrase "Welcome to California! Now Show Us Your Tits." That the OC Weekly cares little about accuracy in their journalism is shown by the fact there was not a single verified case of our governor making any such comment(s). What he actually did was reach up women's blouses and grope their tits. A headline reading, "Welcome to California! Now Let Us Grope Your Tits" would at least indicate something the OC Weekly apparently lacks: a modicum of journalistic integrity.

Doug Cradit


Regarding R. Scott Moxley's "Blame the Democrats" [Oct. 10]: some dogs and politicians can never be housetrained. Voters rolled up their ballots and swatted Republican and Democrat "strategists" across the nose. The recall vote demonstrated we don't want party politics as usual. Seven out of 10 voters went for Arnold because of Gray Davis' pandering to illegal aliens. Six out 10 voters went against their union leaders because their jobs are lost to illegals or high taxes. The independent/nonaligned voter-registration numbers increased dramatically in this recall for a reason. The training session of Oct. 7 was simply this: think citizens before party, state before party, nation before party.

Barbara Vickroy


Hey, Austen Swaim: unions never created one job, pal ["Picking at Scabs," Oct. 17]. The free market says they gotta pay for their own health insurance. The answer is to get another job, not harass people who want to work and shop for groceries. Pathetic.

John Nelson
via e-mail
Austen Swaim responds: I never said unions created jobs. I simply interviewed a self-identified conservative Republican who happened, at this weird moment in history, to be a union member walking a picket line outside a Ralphs. I liked the real-life complexity of his situation, but that subtlety was apparently lost on you. Call me pathetic, but don't insult me by calling me your pal.


Re: Buddy Seigal's nasty article about John Prine ["Big Old Goofy World," Oct. 17]. He's not commercial and doesn't buy into the whole media thing. He's not a household word, but I'm sure he could have been if that's what he wanted. That's one of the things that his fans love about him. It's like the old joke: John who? Maybe he had other things to do that day. A dedicated Prine fan doesn't really care about the fluff or some reporter's hurt feelings. The man and his music, lyrics that will enrich people's lives forever is what it's all about. Easy on Waylon, too.

Carol Stodola
via e-mail


I seem to remember plenty of people dying while Clinton was lying, while under oath and committing perjury, no less [Matt Coker's "Clockwork Orange," Oct. 10]. What about the 200 cruise missiles lobbed into Bosnia? Why not an article about the three times Clinton and Madeleine Albright passed on having Osama bin Laden handed over to us? Your publication has every right to be ultra-left-wing, but please report the facts in their entirety. It makes you look foolish and uninformed to those of us who are and stay current on the unfolding events of the day.

Jack Fowler
via e-mail
Matt Coker responds: Clinton lied about a blowjob, not his mission in Bosnia—which, as I recall, resulted in Slobodan Milosevic rotting in a prison in the Hague while Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are God knows where. And I love the way you accuse me of not staying current but would rather I write about the three times Clinton and Albright passed on bin Laden years ago and would prefer I not write about our boys coming home in body bags RIGHT THIS FUCKING MINUTE. Unfold those events, douche.