The Tyranny of Irony

Thrice havent heard any good jokes lately

But really, what Thrice are trying to do, or rather what they're managing to do inadvertently, is to tell kids that it's cool to be enlightened and passionate and aware and that there are ways to get involved and things worth involving oneself in. It's a noble task.

Unless, on a fundamentally stylistic level, you have a problem with earnestness and sincerity writ large, in which case you are probably some kind of knee-jerk, sarcastic, eye-rolling twit with a gnarled soul. I am that twit. That twit is I.

But I like the idea of a bunch of music fans sincerely trying to change the world. I just wish they'd gotten to me sooner.

Thrice perform with Thursday and Coheed & Cambria at the Grove of Anaheim, 2200 E. Katella Ave., Anaheim, (714) 712-2700. Sun., 8 p.m. $17. All Ages.
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