Reconstructing Zappa

Don Preston and Project/Object raise Frank from the grave

Taking Zappa's career as a whole, what does Preston see as his ultimate legacy?

"I have a number of takes on his legacy because there were a number of things he was trying to do," Preston opines. "As a rock & roll musician, he surpassed just about everybody in the business. I don't think there's another person who even came close to his writing ability in rock & roll. As a classical composer, he fell kind of short of other modern composers that are around now in terms of the overall scope of his work. But let's face it: he was a rock & roll musician, he was unschooled, he did the best he could, and he was actually quite good—but he just wasn't quite as good as Boulez, Stockhausen, Penderecki, Takemitsu and people like that. He falls just a little bit short of that. But he did write some great music."

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