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Lucky Strikes cosmic bowling utopia

Rosy-cheeked and minutes from a food coma, we hit the road to the Boogie. Once there, I picked up a pamphlet from PETA and felt like going to culinary confession for all of my gluttonous, meat-eating, inorganic decadence. But Janine was happy as a—erm, tofu ball—munching away on faux chicken—I must admit, it actually tasted just like chicken—vegetarian chili and something vaguely tabouleh-ish. I stuck to the hummus, read about IAMS' alleged mistreatment of animals, and gazed at the woman who had dressed as the time change, with a spring attached to her chest and leaves stuck to her back. As for the vegans, when they weren't busy grooving to the reggae stylings of Kyng Arthur, they could be found smiling, laughing and eating vegan chocolate cake, just like we carnivores do. Except for the dude in the skeleton shirt—he was drinking entirely too much wine to really be vegan. The bash's host, Bob, was busy phoning in to his radio show, Go Vegan Radio( while we were there, but from my 30-second encounter with him, it seemed he was pleased with the benefit's success. But I think he could smell the Morton's on my breath because as we exited the Boogie's organic bliss and entered the smoky downpour of ash in the parking lot, he cautioned Janine to keep an eye on me. If this weekend was any indication, she'll have her hands full.

There's no reason that Halloween should be limited to just one night, so don't miss Detroit Bar's Gin and Juice Halloween Special, featuring DJ Daniel, on Thursday, Oct. 30, followed by a costume party at the Madison in Long Beach on Friday. North County? Try the block party in Fullerton outside the Continental Room. South? The Carnival de Bazaarat Old World Village in Huntington Beach. Dress like your favorite rock star on Saturday at the Program's postpunk/new wave night, Mongoloids, at the Bamboo Terrace, or head over to Club Addiction at the Hully Gully in Downey. If by Sunday you haven't yet joined the undead, catch the Voo Dudes at the Studio Cafťon the Balboa Peninsula. Take it easy on Monday before heading down to the Ocean Ave. Brewery in Laguna on Tuesday for their '80s night, and then finish strong on Wednesday during the Kitsch Bar's soul showcase. Happy haunting!

I'll be dressed as Ziggy Stardust on Halloween. Invite me out!
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