Come to Papa

Rampage Jackson: Savage brawler, loving father

Rampage insists he's lazy. "I don't like to train. But it's my job. Most people train tough eight weeks before a fight. I pretty much train all year round. . . . I think that's why I'm so lazy."

He loves Japan. "There are some freaksover there, a whole country full of freaks," he says, a bit wide-eyed. "Trust me. I know. 'Cause I love them Asian women. When I go there, I am like a kid in a candy store, and they love chocolate men over there! One time, there were these two old ladies—they had to be 60—who wanted to take a picture with me. They were, like, 'Jackson, Jackson.' And then one of 'em grabbed my ass!" he says, shocked. "They also put stuff in the newspapers over there that would never be in the papers in the States. Like, they'll have a picture of a fighter winning his match and another right next it of some guy getting a blowjob—they kind of black it out, but you can still tell."

He stops.

"I've got to watch my language in front of my boy," he says, looking down at D'Angelo. "He's a parrot right now."

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