Anarchy in the C.M.

OUT OF JOINT Here's sports columnist Steve Bisheefin the Sept. 21 Orange County Register on Rex Hudler, who was suspended from the Anaheim Angelsbroadcast booth after airport screeners discovered one of his bags contained a small amount of marijuanathat he's been using to get to sleep after suffering a brain hemorrhage a couple of years ago: "For whatever reason, the Hudler case has been a hot-button issue for those who abhor drug use of any sort, as well as for rabid Angels fans who want to forgive the former big-league infielder and get him back on the air as soon as possible." Uh, Steve, aren't you leaving out another huge segment of the population that sees this as a hot-button issue? That would be those who believe our country's prohibition of a harmless, natural substance like marijuana is stupid, outmoded and corrupt? Geez, for a refresher, read the cover story by Rebecca Schoenkopfin this same issue—or any Registereditorial page.

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