I thought Gustavo Arellano's article on Bustamante ("Fear of a Brown Planet," Sept. 5) was very one-sided. Gee, maybe because the author was Chicano. The three- or four-page story failed to mention the reason why conservatives view MEChA and Bustamante as racists. Their motto or slogan: "Everything for the race; outside the race, nothing." How convenient. I guess that would have screwed up your left-wing propaganda. I fear all racists and can't believe you employ one.

Rich Zaydel
via e-mail

After 10 years as an importer of Mexican textiles, I have reached several conclusions. One is that Mexico's indigenous peoples are perhaps some of the hardest-working, family-oriented and decent human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Another is that Mexico's bureaucracy is rife with Cruz Bustamante: self-serving political slicksters of partial European/Castilian descent who prey on a mostly undereducated constituency to ply their way into office for the benefit of no one but themselves. Bustamante offers Californians nothing more than the same tired policies delivered in a beige wrapper instead of a white one. And, of course, he's already played the victim race card. What's so inspiring about that?

Wes Kelley
via e-mail
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