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TONY makes ass of you, me

Anthony Pignataro's article on the potential sale of public television station KOCE made a number of valid points, some of which I have not seen in any other coverage ["Barney the Dinosaur?Meet Jan Crouch,"Aug. 29]. However, I was disappointed with the following line: "Yet, as news of the sale reverberates throughout county newspapers, KOCE itself has mentioned it exactly zero times to its viewers."

Not true. We have run five stories/segments about the sale of KOCE. Four stories (including a commentary by OC Weekly editor Will Swaim and Orange County Business Journalexecutive editor Rick Reiff) ran on the news program Real Orange before the August 20 board meeting, and one story covered the results of the meeting.

Had Anthony Pignataro called to check, or actually watched Real Orange, he would have known this instead of printing a false assumption as fact.

Mike Taylor
News Director,Real Orange
Huntington Beach

Anthony Pignataro responds: Mike Taylor is right. I was referring to KOCE's failure to mention the sale during its all-important pledge drives. That's what the subsequent sentence—"'Those people pledging now have no clue the station could go away,' said a veteran staffer"—was supposed to suggest. I regret the confusion.

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