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I'm still fuming over the story about little Jimena Correal and how little anyone did to save her [Nick Schou's "Killing Jimena," Aug. 29]. What are we paying taxes for if not to protect us? Yet, these county workers, paid to recognize and handle child-abuse cases just like Jimena's, basically handed her over to a monster. Reading the story I was reminded of the young man who was trying to escape from Jeffrey Dahmer only to be returned to the cannibal by police who didn't want to be bothered. Here's hoping that Jimena's case will spark some changes, though I'm afraid it won't. I fear that Jimena's case was not that unusual, just one that happened to find its way into the media.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but a few days after reading the piece I found that a hurricane hit Hawaii. The hurricane was described as having a lot of "fury." And the name of that hurricane? Jimena. I hope some of that fury will be directed at the bureaucrats who allowed her to die.

Beth Gannell


I took my family to see Randy Newman at Cerritos last Friday and enjoyed his performance. While out in Orange County I picked up your publication and noticed the article [Buddy Seigal's "Randy Newman Hates You," Aug. 22]. Below is part of the first paragraph: "If I had Randy Newman's dough, juice and talent, I would spend my days in my secluded mansion, counting money, polishing my Oscar and trying to figure out how to suck my own dick." I must tell you that I found this writing offensive. I was surprised to see it in print. I also happen to be a founding board member of the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts and happened to have a board dinner last night and shared this article with the board as well as the executive director of the CCPA. I must tell you that I was not the only person that was shocked and surprised to see this in print. I am taking the time to write to give you this feedback. I live in OC and read your publication from time to time. I assume that the writer who wrote it thinks that it is appropriate and that the editor who approved it also must have thought that this was okay. As a parent of teenagers, I want you to know that it was not okay with me.

Philip Kress
Via e-mail

Anonymous staffer, in descending lotus position, responds: We can assure you, Mr. Kress, thatOC Weekly staffers universally consider Buddy Seigal—author of the offending article—inappropriate for anyone at any age. It's just that we are all very frightened of Mr. Seigal, who demands we call him Papa, and have seen what happens to those who displease him—can't get too specific, involves Karo syrup and tweezers. We apologize if you were offended by Papa's style. Still, we stand by his contention that one of man's ambitions—greater even than the longing for a truly waterless car wash—is the ability to orally pleasure himself. It's what separates us from the animals, lucky animals. Here's hoping proper stretching exercises and stuck-up women will get us over the hump. Keep it up, boys!


Fuck you and your shitty little paper. Again I'm stunned at the lack of credibility and the persistent and unnecessary crassness of your reviews. Your review of Deathtrap [Margie Pignataro, "New Theater Reviews," Aug. 29] was a travesty. When the only person who hates a good production is your reviewer, what segment of society is that reviewer, and therefore your paper, representing?

But this letter isn't about one show/review. It's about a pattern of abuse that you subject many theaters, good productions and talented artists to. Too many of your reviews are mean-spirited, sadistic masturbation. I cringe when I see OC Weekly on the reservation sheet because I know what's coming. But I (like so many others) keep bending over and hoping you don't fuck me again. But all too often you do, without even the courtesy of a reach-around.

You could be such a positive and encouraging force in OC theater. Instead, you'd rather discredit the hard work of talented artists with your unnecessarily vicious scribblings. If you can't hire reviewers that represent at least 5 percent of the audience opinion on a given night, your paper should not pretend to know a fucking thing about what a theatergoer should or shouldn't see. You're discouraging people from seeing good shows, and stepping on the necks of small theaters while pretending you care about their struggle to breathe by handing out your worthless (and politically motivated) yearly awards as if that makes up for the abuse. It doesn't.

You as editor should have been fired long ago for not only allowing but obviously encouraging this treatment. You should resign and go do what you're qualified to do club seals. Good-bye, good riddance, and fuck you very much!

Brian Kojac
Via e-mail
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