Diary of a Mad County

FRIDAY, August 29

Controversy swirls around the Santa Ana Redskins Pop Warner football club as league vice president Kurt Winn is accused of using racial slurs and telling racist jokes. This is especially disturbing to many of the league's parents and coaches since Winn is white and most of the Redskin players are Latino or African American. Winn doesn't deny using the slurs and telling the jokes, but says he will not "apologize for believing in my white race and culture," which is so great, because white people have really had so little to hang their hat on since they cancelled Home Improvement (and by "they," we mean "the Jews"). Winn claims he only uses the slurs when away from the children, though others dispute this. Either way, it's unacceptable to use that kind of language, especially on a culturally diverse team like the Redskins. I mean, Redskin parents send their kids to Redskin practice figuring their kids will learn about discipline and how to chop block and they come back from Redskin practice spewing hate and vitriol? If I were a parent I'd be asking myself, "Did I have my son become a Redskin to be exposed to racism?" I mean, the last thing the parent of a child who puts on the Redskin uniform and proudly calls himself a Redskin wants to hear is racial slurs. Here's hoping Redskins live like brother, make Redskins heap proud, many moons.

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