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TSOLs Jack Grisham looks to charge the governors mansion

So, like I said, we cap the bleeding and then we go in and start cleaning it up. And you know what, Californians are going to have to eat shit for a little bit. We've got ourselves in a mess and people think they're not going to be affected, and it's not true. One of the problems with California is we're allowed to put initiatives on the ballot, and most of the initiatives that come from the California voters are "more funding, less taxes." Okay, let's say that passes. All of a sudden, we have to fund more projects, but we have no money to fund them. I remember telling my dad when I was 15 that I wanted "more funding and less taxes. It fucking didn't fly then, and it doesn't fly now, either.

Well, you can't spend what you don't have.

Exactly. And that's common sense. And they say, "You're inexperienced as governor. You've never even held office." Well, you know what? I've never overdrawn my checkbook by 38 billion bucks either, man. I do have a basic knowledge of what's happening politically. On the other hand, I'm not going to walk into office and say I have the answers. I mean, we're supposed to learn from our people, we're supposed to keep an open mind. I want to walk in there and say, "I don't have the answers, let me hear what you have to say." From the Republicans, from the Democrats, from the Green Party, the Libertarians. I think the governor's job is to be a student. It's like the day you stop being a student is the day you've just become a total fucking asshole.

It sounds like while many see your lack of experience as a weakness, you see it as your strength.

Right. Ronald Reagan had no political experience when he was made governor and he became president. And now they're building ships and naming them after him.

Did you ever think in 1982 you'd be comparing yourself to Ronald Reagan?

No [laughs]. And even now, I'm only comparing myself in terms of his lack of experience. But I'll tell you, Reagan was good fodder for songs.

If all goes well on October 7, there could be some tunes written about you some day.

I've already considered that [laughs].

Speaking of tunes, have you looked at the governer's mansion to see where the jam room will go?

Nah. Actually, I figure I'll live in San Francisco, 'cause it's only an hour drive and I can surf Ocean Beach. But I have already thought about draining the pool [laughs].

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