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Dave Wielenga's article ["Bored Competition" July 25] on our grossly polluted and stinking ocean here in SoCal brought to light an obviously underscrutinized fact: too many surfers don't care as much about the quality of the water as the quality of the wave. A case in point: those surfers out there who actually shit in the water rather than miss a wave. Yes, THEY DROP THEIR "QUICKIES" IN THE WATER. C'mon, kids, drop the apathy, not your shorts, and let's turn this around. Start pressuring Orange County's O'Neill, Quiksilver, OP and Billabong to throw their big-money influence behind the fight to better clean the county's sewage. Seems to me that all Southern Californians have a stake in cleaning up our waters, and the natural leaders of the fight are those who live, love and, yes, make money off the surf culture.

Lisa Stieler
Via e-mail


Dan Mathews' strange reluctance to spend $100 for a hotel room makes PETA seem penny-wise but pound-foolish [Steve Lowery's "How to Stuff a Lettuce Bikini," July 25]. While scrimping on travel expenses, PETA has given over $165,000 of its tax-exempt money to violent criminals who take their animal-rights fanaticism into felony territory. And that's six times what it donated during the same period to animal shelters, spay/neuter operations and other programs that actually help animals. In one well-documented example, PETA donated over $70,000 to a convicted arsonist who torched a laboratory at Michigan State University. In another, it paid $7,500 in legal fees for a woman convicted of attempting to murder a medical research executive. In 2001, PETA actually wrote a check to the Earth Liberation Front, a criminal organization that the FBI calls "a serious domestic terror threat." And now Mathews boasts (in your article): "Frankly, I don't think we go far enough." Don't his Hollywood friends realize who they're getting into bed with? Pam Anderson and Kim Basinger may think it's fun to hang out with Dan Mathews, but their agents and handlers ought to advise them to steer clear of criminal associations.

David Martosko
Director of Research
The Center for Consumer Freedom
Washington, D.C.

Thanks for the wonderful story on a wonderful man. Dan Matthews has the drive and the compassion to accomplish many victories for PETA and for the animals. Even better that he enlists his celebrity friends to help. The general public, blind to many of the atrocities inflicted upon animals, listens to and mimics the behavior of famous people. Bravo to Dan, the man who is paving the road to a world that will someday give animals the rights and respect they deserve.

Laura Frisk


Whether Jim Washburn realizes it or not, the column he wrote about the OC 4 Kucinich group ["Don't Bitch, Vote Kucinich," August 1] indirectly suggests their purpose is not to get Kucinich anywhere near the Oval Office, but to harness the energy of the anti-war movement and put it to work helping elect yet another right-wing "New Democrat" to the White House in 2004. Everybody knows Kucinich is going to be overwhelmingly defeated in every Democratic presidential primary he sets foot in. If current trends continue, it appears Howard Dean—a Clinton clone—will likely become the party's nominee. Given that Kucinich is a goner, what other choice does founder Jim Gibson offer as a solution to rid ourselves of a pro-war, pro-imperialist, pro-gun, pro-death penalty, pro-corporate capitalist Republican president like George W. Bush? He hints that what all of us progressives need to do is toss ourselves off a cliff in blind support of a pro-war, pro-imperialist, pro-gun, pro-death penalty, pro-corporate capitalist Democrat like Howard Dean! Sorry, but I'm not a lemming. I'm proud to say that I'll be one of millions of Americans next year who'll cast their ballot for the Green Party candidate for president. I no longer waste my vote on the evil of two lessers!

Duane J. Roberts


Libertarians for Bush [Hey You's "Sign Language" July 25]? Yeah, right. REAL Libertarians have serious problems with President Bush. In fact, most real Libertarians understand that Republicans are worse than Democrats. This is because while the GOP uses liberty-lovin' rhetoric, it's just a trick. Republicans as a whole raise taxes more then Democrats, erode state's rights and increase regulations. Many small-government fans fall for this and completely waste their vote on a party that does the opposite of what it claims to stand for. At least Democrats are up front with their ideas on increasing the power politicians wield. That's why I think it's possible that the bumper sticker reading "Libertarians for Bush" mentioned in the "Hey You!" belonged to a freedom-loving lesbian.

Doug Scribner
Libertarian Party of Orange County Executive Committee


Look, bitch, that article [Stacy Davies' "Bella Donna Groupies" July 11] was totally messed. You definitely need to get your damn facts straight before you go and totally dis someone, especially Stevie [Nicks]. Her fans are true to her, so obviously you're not a true fan. In case you didn't notice, you are on a lot of fans' shit lists and we are holding no mercy. I would love for you to read the other letter I intended on sending you and now that I can I think I will [see below].

Nikki Crews
Via e-mail
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