Perhaps it was just the room-swirling raspberry lemonade shooter—or the 17 rounds of gin and tonics leading up to it—but a few minutes after leaving the Red Room last Thursday, curled up in bed and watching the closing credits on Conan, I pondered the question that all young lushes must, at some time, ask: Where do young barflies go when they grow up? Do they burn out on Jšger shots and mind-erasers, or merely fade away during TGI Friday's happy hours?

To find an answer, some early-thirtysomething friends and I crashed a house party the next night on the Hermosa Beach strand. And if the boozy, way-more-than-just-early-thirtysomethings I saw stumbling around together—alternately sucking face and strumming along to Tom Pettywith their windmill air-guitar solos—were any indication, then (a) Hermosa Beach is where all former beer-bonging frat boys and keg-standing booze babes go to grow old, and (b) die-hard barflies never really grow up. Like, ever.

Fortunately, I ain't even close to the age of liver-spoiled retirement—but I'll still get drunk with you even if you are—so this Thursday, be sure to join my friends and me at Club Lunch, presented by Agave in Huntington Beach, where DJs Beej, Dave Aude and Danny Love spin just about anything you want to hear—except, maybe, Tom Petty.

Then on Friday, after checking out urban jazz funksters Ozomatli at the OC Fair, bring the party over to Memphis Soul Cafťin Costa Mesa for Diggin' Deeper, a night of funk, soul, Jamaican and Latin grooves with DJ Josh One on the turntables.

Broadway Billiards in Santa Ana spotlights tables of a different kind on Saturday when it presents Sine Language, where you can dance to resident DJ Pedestrian's broken beats and guest DJ Jason Blakemore's renowned house stylings in between rounds of pool games and buck-fifty drafts.

The Liquid Lounge has always been friendly to bar-mongers of all ages, so on Sunday you should drink $2 Coors Light—or Miller, if that's your poison—and relive your headbanging days at their Pure Rock night.

And while any normal Monday might be a poor follow-up to a night spent dancing to Whitesnake, it won't in August: Detroit Bar hosts an incredible month of Moses Leroy shows, with special guests—and local faves—Fielding opening on the inaugural night.

If you've never been to the Newport Peninsula's El Ranchito on a Tequila Tuesday, trusted sources tell me that their night of cheap 'ritas and unlimited munchies is a rite of passage for all OC souses, so be sure to get there early and drink until you forget about the firewater hangover you'll have the next morning.

Finally, on Wednesday, let DJs Curse and Scotty Coats spin you into a hip-hop frenzy at Ibiza's Grand Royal while all the folks from Hermosa undoubtedly make the pilgrimage—air guitars packed for traveling in air-guitar cases—down to Fashion Island for the Loverboy show. Oh, how I wish I was kidding about that.

— Ellen Griley