Can somebody get Rich Kane something for his crankiness? His review of the Hootenanny ["White Punks on Fascism," July 11] was a bit harsh. I saw thousands of fans there for the Stray Cats. If Rich was hot and bothered, maybe he should have handed his assignment to someone else. Granted, things didn't go smoothly, but as Rich says himself, he was there at the first Hootenanny; he knows that the event is unorganized to begin with. But no, Rich would rather bash the event, the bands and the fans. Rich, do me a favor: stay home next year. I'll use your free media pass.

Joe Finkle
Via e-mail

Oooh, did the big, bad mean-looking people scare the widdle music critic? One word of advice: Mr. Kane, if the people scare you so bad, don't go to the fucking concert! Let Buddy cover it; he actually likes that kind of music. You made fun of the Stray Cats for needing bodyguards, but who's the one crying about the tattoos and skinheads looking to beat him up? Another thing: the people who go to a concert want to hear songs they know and can sing along to, so get off the Blasters' back. I guess you didn't see all the smiling faces having a good time. But I guess that's kind of hard to do with your hands over your eyes wishing the bogeyman would just go away. Stick to what you're good at: covering safe shows like the Weenie Roast and Acoustic Christmas.

Ted Arnold
La Mirada

P.S. Rebecca Schoenkopf liked the show and she's a girl. Wuss!

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