Diary of a Mad County

FRIDAY, July 4 Wooooo! America! Woooo! Our country founded on the idea of direct representation! Woooo. Poll today finds that a majority of Californians say screw that, let's recall the governor because Darrell Issaspent a lot of money! Woooo! … Yeah, I was pretty bummed by that poll, but then I went to a party at my friends Rob and Mindy's and it reminded me what's important in this country. Yes, for all our shortcomings and bullying and arrogance and paranoia, this is still the greatest country to drink like a college kid and wind up incoherent on your porch vomiting into the plastic bucket that holds your children's sidewalk chalk. And long may it wave!

SATURDAY, July 5 Who cares about fireworks? Give us tentacles! We recovered from our Freedom Day stupor in time to stumble toward the Anaheim Convention Center, where more than 15,000 geeks attended the four-day Anime Expoand took in the latest and greatest in Japanese animation. Latest fad? Same as every year—cheery girls in panties! Many booths boasted an interactive video game starring pale ladies wearing nothing but strategically placed cherries while cooing, "I'm tired. Please take me to bed." For being a bunch of comic-book dorks, however, anime fans are surely the most socially adept genre of geekdom. Most attendees spent the days shooting photos of each other dressed up as various anime characters, then exchanging slips of paper along with winks. We don't know what the notes contained, but the nearby Anaheim Marriott was sold out for a reason—and it ain't the asphalt view of Harbor Boulevard. Woooo!

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