You Ought to be Ashamed of Yourselves!

Readers react to Greatest OC Bands Ever with a poll of their own


Let me say that this list is completely lopsided, opinionated and not well laid out. It's almost as if you put all the OC bands in a hat (forgetting a few) and just picked them out at random and then wrote a completely positive or hateful article about that band. I think the first thing I noticed was No Doubt ending up at No. 118. I've read plenty of articles in OC Weekly to learn that there isn't much appreciation for ND. After reading the less than positive article on them I continued to read the lower numbers just to see that none of the articles were very positive. If ND is so bad, why even include them in the list? I'd like to see a story on No Doubt and how they have grown and embraced Orange County as a steppingstone, rather than a hateful blurb. I'm tired of hearing how No Doubt has decided to try something new musically. God forbid someone tries something new and it sells records. I would just like to see an article of appreciation on No Doubt, that's all.

Jeff Budge
Via e-mail


I cannot believe the crimes you've committed with this list of bands. How could you forget Huntington Beach's (hed)p.e.? They may not be everyone's cup of tea, but they have done the local music scene justice. They still continue to sell out the Anaheim (and LA) House of Blues. Take a listen to any of their three major-label releases and hear the Orange County references. They put Huntington Beach on the music map. What kills me is that you gave them coverage in the past. You blackballed (hed), but included Zebrahead, Lit, and Something Corporate?! "Something" is wrong with the voting process! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Credibility is lost! Stay away from those printing fumes! You guys are dusted!

Mark "FISH" Fisher
Via e-mail


Whoever wrote this list does not know their OC band history. As an example, here are some bands you should have listed: (1) A La Carte: This band could fill any venue in Orange County during the '70s. (2) Crossfire. (3) Canyon. (4) Kickfire! (5) Triton. I ran a nightclub here in the '70s called Wild Man Sams and have lived here since 1958. You know, there was band history here in the '60s, but that went unmentioned in your list. Your article should be called "the biggest nobodies in music," since none of these artists is currently an entity in music's "big" picture. If you ever want to get on the same page as the real world as far as OC music is concerned, please contact me for information. It's free.

Jim Caron
Via e-mail


I must say I was quite happy to see the inclusion of Vinnie James at No. 13. All American Boy is one of the most underrated CDs in a long time. Months before it was released, Vinnie was a regular at a restaurant I managed in Huntington Beach. We'd always talk about the music biz and he'd give me weekly updates on the progress of the CD. After it was released he gave me a copy and to this day the music holds up. Funny thing is, a few days before I read the OC Weekly article, I played it for a musician buddy of mine and he was quite impressed. If you're out there, Vinnie, and reading this, please know there are people out here who love your music and would love to hear more someday.

Tom Riehl
Via e-mail


Where is Shattered Faith? You suck for leaving them off. They started the scene in HB in 1979!

Mike Jones
Via e-mail


We found it crazy that DI was not mentioned in this list. Fronted by Casey Royer, who was also the drummer for the Adolescents, DI has been around since 1981 and toured all over the world with seven albums to its credit. Have you never heard the massively popular song "OC Life"? What about "Richard Hung Himself," which was featured in the movie Suburbia? I can understand if DI had to be left out because they are not part of some "system-approved list" of punk bands, yet mentioning the Adolescents and TSOL--certainly not system-approved punk bands--leaves us wondering why you blackballed DI. The goons at Punk Rock Skateboards would just like to know.

Punk Rock Skateboards
Via e-mail


I've been around OC for some time, back to strawberry and lima bean fields. I remember Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds played in the lounge at the Grand Hotel before they recorded "Don't Pull Your Love," etc. I don't know if they would qualify as OC.

Jim Crawford
Via e-mail


How could you forget the amazing OC band Children's Day? They were a Safari Sam's fave and were one of the best bands that ever came out of Orange County. Russell Scott, Ron Russell and Patrick Young made me appreciate that music really could be great! Others forgotten: Exobiota, Medicine Man, Bel Jar, Pontiac Brothers, the Din, Scarecrows.

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