You Ought to be Ashamed of Yourselves!

Readers react to Greatest OC Bands Ever with a poll of their own

Two weeks ago, we took a shot at it ourselves, trying to name the 100 best OC bands of all time–and then watched as the list blew past 100 to 110 and 120. We stopped at 129, and then turned to you for your thoughts.


The people who put together the list of the top 129 bands must not have been around back in the day. Shattered Faithwas arguably the most influential band in Orange County. How could you leave them off the list? Either they pissed someone off in your group or you guys are completely out of touch.

Mike Henderson
Via e-mail


You didn't even mention Dyke Bridge. You mentioned a fucking karaoke singer but not a band that went on to help spawn the Tiki Tones (half of them founding members of DB) and Tijuana Bullfight (whose guitarist was a founder of DB). Sadly, their demise came about when their lead singer went off to tour with Moris Tepper and eventually moved to Chicago to produce The Jenny Jones Show. Orange County suffers every day from the type of memory loss your writers show here. It is precisely this that allows people to continue building Mediterranean-style single-family dwellings over land that was once the subject of the plein-air artists. Dyke Bridge was a Costa Mesa born-and-bred band and was the unofficial opening act for Peter Tork! What the fuck do we have to do in this stupid burg to get some recognition? Jesus H. Christ! No wonder musicians flock to other places. Eat me.

Paul Klees
Former lead singer/accordionist, Dyke Bridge
Via e-mail


Thank you for confirming that National People's Gang really did suck. Oh, by the way: Chad Jasmine is not really "gone," he's merely, as they say, "gone to Florida."

Chad Forrello
National People's Gang/The fUZ


You did an outstanding job. Two omissions, though. One, the Sandals. Their soundtrack for Bruce Brown's Endless Summer has been heard and enjoyed by more people than about 100 of your listed bands combined. The San Clemente band was fronted by two brothers from Belgium, classically trained musicians who had much more musical ability than any surf band around. Second, Bishop contributed a lot to the live music scene in the late '70s when there was hardly anything going on but lounge shows. They were perhaps Orange County's only glam rock band and the peripatetic Michael Bishop was the closest thing we had to a real rock personality. Later they stripped down and assembled a nice, tight set of songs, some of which they produced on their own label, right here in OC in the pre-punk dark ages. The last time I saw Michael Bishop perform, he was singing with a pre-punk leather band fronted by Hunt and Tony Sales, the sons of Soupy.

Tom Chapman
Santa Ana


You missed a big one: From 1977 to 1981, the Mechanics were the band that everyone from Fullerton copied. Mike Ness still mentions them as his biggest influence and the Adolescents--Rikk Agnew, especially--swiped riffs from them and put them on LPs. The Mechanics were the first OC band to headline the Whisky, Starwood, Masque and Troubadour, and its members went on to play with D.I., the Cramps, Adolescents, Joyride, 22 Jacks, Joey Ramone, China White, Hard As Nails, Cheap As Dirt and La Mort.

Via e-mail


Seriously, how could you go through all of the trouble to pull so many great OC bands out of your ass and leave out The Ziggens? The Ziggens are one of those bands that make you proud to be a fan. Years ago, I quoted Miguel from Skunk Records, in my college paper, saying "no one has ever had a bad time at a Ziggens show," and for the last 10 years I have found no one who can prove him wrong. And don't even try the excuse that they're an LBC band because of their affiliation with Skunk. Brad, Dickie and John reside in Fullerton and Bert and family live in Huntington Beach. The Ziggens have sold out every small venue in SoCal and played with many of the bands that top your list at one time or another. They've gotten more college radio play than a lot of bands on your list and even had a brief stint on the now defunct KROQ (at least in my mind) with "Somethin' About a Waitress." Hell, you guys even turned to Brad Ziggen to write a piece for you back in 1996 to make some sense out of Bradley Nowell's untimely death. I was thoroughly impressed that while all of the OC punk staples got their due, you managed to pull names out of the woodwork like Swamp Zombies and Primitive Painters. But come on. Let's give credit where it's due.

Jeremy Cook
Garden Grove


Thank you for the 129 Greatest OC Bands Ever and including Big Drill Car. I am Frank Daly's mother and this article made me proud--and made my day! I will Xerox the Big Drill Car part for myself and am sending the rest of the article to Frank. He is married with a beautiful wife and a son and lives in Indiana. I am sure he will enjoy it. Thank you again . . . I KNEW they were good!

Nancy A. Andres
Fountain Valley
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