I Aint From Nowhere

Anaheims gang unit saved Eddie Quinonesthe hard way

Balderama says she just wants McManus and the rest of the gang unit to leave her grandson alone, adding that she is trying to get a restraining order to keep the cops at bay. "Eddie was born here and raised here and is looking to just get out of here—move out," she said. "He's still being harassed by the police. They won't let him alone."

Quiñones says he plans to enlist in the Marine Corps. Three of his cousins are in the U.S. Army and Quiñones says joining the armed services will help pay for school—and keep him out of the neighborhood. "I'm into God now, not gangs," he said. "I started believing in myself and that allowed me to believe in God. I did that right here in this gang-infested neighborhood. So when people ask me where I'm from—what gang I'm from—I say, 'Nowhere. I ain't from nowhere."

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