Diary of a Mad County

SATURDAY, June 14 Remember those three million people now living in Orange County? Every one of them but Micah James Culling is driving the freeways today. In an attempt to get down to the Newport Library demonstration, a 30-minute drive becomes an hours-long trek. The 405 is packed. So is the 91. The 5? You know the old saying: never take the 5. I try surface streets, I double back and take parallel freeways, I try all the tricks taught me in a lifetime of SoCal driving. Nothing works. I'm listening to KNX, and traffic anchor Randy Keith notes how heavy traffic is with no major accidents to blame. I know I'm in trouble when he says, "There's a big backup on the 405–which is another way of saying it's another day on the 405."

SUNDAY, June 15 Happy Father's Day, Donald Bren!

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