Diary of a Mad County

WEDNESDAY, June 4 A federal jury tells Taco Bell to pay Joseph Shields and Thomas Rinks $30 million, after deciding the Irvine-based company's signature talking Chihuahua was actually stolen from the two Grand Rapids men. The jury excoriates Taco Bell for not having something original to say, to which Taco Bell replies, "D'Oh!"

THURSDAY, June 5 Somebody—LA mayor James Hahn—wants to build an airport at El Toro. Others, not so much. Oh, brave new world!

FRIDAY, June 6 Other stuff that makes one want to take the pipe.

SATURDAY, June 7 Paul Kariya lives! ... You know how most Democrats seem to lack balls these days, and how the ones who don't are the ones who actually do (Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Carol Moseley-Braun, Hillary Clinton)? One exception: the unashamedly outraged Dennis Kucinich, Democratic congressman from Ohio, presidential candidate and generally pissed-off dude who had the guts to oppose the war and to be among the first to ask where the frig the WMDs were? The Orange County Kucinich pod emails us today to say that it's meeting Tuesday, June 17, at the Unitarian Church of Orange County in Anaheim (511 S. Harbor Blvd.) Shameless plug? Sure. But, these days, there's plenty of shame to go around.

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