Despite my well-earned cynicism regarding such matters, I must say that Matt Coker's article ("Dude Where's My Electric Car," May 9) about Doug Korthof and electric vehicles is by far the best I've ever read. No one else I've read has taken us EV drivers or our arguments at all seriously. More media bucks equals bigger and louder, which means the public swallows Big Auto/Big Oil's oft-repeated sound bites no matter how nonsensical. How can they say "We're stopping production because there's no consumer demand for these vehicles"?! They never advertise, they tried to talk us out of buying the EVs, made us jump through tremendous hoops for months on end to actually get the vehicles, sabotaged the infrastructure by making three major types of incompatible charging stations, haven't done much R&D to increase the range of the vehicles, and artificially inflated the price by avoiding mass production! I'll sum up by stating the obvious: Our air quality sucks. More and more people means more sucky air, even forgetting for a moment the endless onslaught of narcissists who announce "I'm a resource gobbler and I don't care about anything else but my comfort, convenience and ego!" You can abbreviate that by just writing "SUV drivers."

Andrea L. Bell, MSW
Long Beach


Wow, Anthony Pignataro. It took a lot of guts to run this article (Scorecard, May 16) the day AFTER the Lakers lose big to the Spurs. Why didn't you post your article yesterday? No guts, no glory . . .

Via email

The editor of dribbling responds: While Pignataro's article hit the streets the Thursday after the Lakers lost by 372 to the Spurs, it was written several days before. That's the weekly newspaper biz, Bernie. This is not to deny that Anthony is sadly lacking in guts and/or glory as well as having alarmingly low levels of niacin and long pants.

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