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Whitey and War

But this one was real nice, even without the handcuffs, although we did have to listen to a long speech by lefty presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. I know his heart's in the right place, but he's kinda dull and real rambly!

Hey, at least there were drums! I love my mom.

Saturday's War Is a Drag party at The Space was light on war and heavy on the drag. While a few girls cross-dressed like the lesbians in the Madonna video for "Open Your Heart," most of us just ceded the fun to the boys. (You didn't expect Kelly O to cede the fun; she came as a fearsome—but hot!—Indian warrior princess.) And, oh, what fun they had! "Oh," they kept saying, "I respect women so much more now that I have to wear high heels and red sequins!" (It was heavy on the red sequins.) But you know what? They were just acting all sensitive and complainy so we wouldn't catch on to how much they liked being pretty. They liked it. They really liked it. In fact, they liked it so much that it was the best Space party in ages; when the boys hoisted on their wigs and fake breasts, they hoisted on their inner dancing girls as well. New to the usual suspects playing the three or four stages were Jimmy Camp, who's my favorite Republican, singing songs about me, and The Distraction, a crunchy punky band that didn't sound at all like Dave Wakeling

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