Diary of a Mad County

FRIDAY, May 9: Consumer Reportshits the stands with a customer-satisfaction survey of 14 major theme parks, and the locals don't do so good. Highest-ranked California park is San Diego's Sea World at sixth. Disneyland, which gets the lowest marks possible for overcrowding, comes in eighth. Knott's is 12th, and Disney's California Adventure—as if you didn't already know—dead last. . . . Everything is set for the American Life League's (ALL) weekend protest of the address to be given by Representatives Loretta and Linda Sanchezat a local Catholic college. ALL has included the sisters as part of "California's Deadly Dozen," a pro-choice group of Catholic politicians that includes Gray Davis and Representative Nancy Pelosi and requests that priests refrain from giving them communion. Judie Brown, ALL president, says the Sanchezes "pro-death policies" are "disgraceful." So it's interesting that ALL does not condemn the pro-death stand of pro-death-penalty politicians. "Abortion is intrinsically evil while the death penalty is not classified as such," said ALL spokesman Erik Whittington. "The Pope has said the death penalty can be allowed in certain situations." But Monsignor Lawrence Baird of the Diocese of Orange tells me the death penalty is seen as a "last resort," under "circumstances that hardly would ever exist," in the United States. Anti-abortion militant James Kopp apparently thought those last-resort circumstances existed when he imposed a death sentence on New York doctor Barnett Slepian, whom he shot in Slepian's kitchen. Kopp appears remorseful and says he wishes he "could get 10 death penalties" for his actions. But that's news to the FBI, which had to track down the Killer Christian hiding out in France. The pro-death Kopp gets 25-to-life.

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