Diary Of A Mad County

SATURDAY, May 31 Eric Rudolph, believed to have blown up Atlanta's Olympic Park, a gay nightclub and abortion clinics, is caught in North Carolina, where he has been hiding in the hilly backcountry for years. It's not clear where and when Rudolph will go on trial, but it seems certain his backcountry will now have plenty of visitors. . . . Went to the Wiener Nationals at Los Alamitos Race Course. I'm sure this is frowned upon in some civilized countries–since the dogs are forced to race to death; kidding–but my kids love those little dogs. And I particularly loved this little exchange, which I have no idea what it means but I believe could change lives, perhaps for the better:

Guy 1: Ugh, this is so gross!

Guy 2: What, Cypress?

Guy 1: No, nachos.

Nachos indeed.

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