Photo by Keith MayRest assured that we at the OC Weekly sports desk are constantly on the lookout for interesting and often unreported stories from the wide world of athletic time killers. It was in that spirit that I thought I'd found the perfect Weekly sports story. While scanning and deleting the 300-plus unsolicited e-mails I receive every weekend, I mindlessly hit the kill button before realizing one particular spam was titled "Extreme Fishing." What a great idea for a unique sports story, I thought, figuring somewhere along Orange County's miles and miles of coastline someone must be engaged in the oxymoronic practice of extreme fishing. So I went to my deleted-items file and tried to retrieve the spam in question, so I could glean more information about the sport. Oh, I found it all right, along with the realization that I'd actually misread the e-mail. The actual title was "Extreme Fisting." (Matt Coker)

* * *

There's an old superstition in the hockey world that it's bad luck for a team to touch Lord Stanley's cup before they've actually won it. But few of the many dozens of Anaheim Mighty Ducks fans who came out to the Block at Orange this past Sunday to see the silver cup heeded that warning. There they were, clad in their Kariya jerseys and still high on the Ducks' thrilling OT Game 3 win Saturday afternoon, rubbing, touching, fingering and even cradling the cup as one of its attendants walked it around a small roped-off circle near the AMC 30 theaters. Now, we're not saying the Ducks are doomed because a bunch of rubes put their fingerprints all over the Stanley Cup—oh, I guess we are. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted. (Anthony Pignataro)

* * *

Fitness extremists who still cling to the no-pain-no-gain mentality have never run in Corona Del Mar. The steep ocean bluffs, beaches, tide pools and sparkling Pacific blue are so beautiful you almost forget the race. By the time you hit the wall, you're already crossing the finish line. There, Newport Beach's finest restaurants await. How tough is that? Corona Del Mar Scenic 5K, Heliotrope & Ocean Blvd., Newport Beach, (949) 717-3816. Sat., 8 a.m. $30. (Scott Giffin)