Sold On Selling Out

Or: How I learned to stop bitching and love a TV commercial

So now I like the Apples In Stereo more than I ever did, and all my neighbors hate me because I can't stop blasting "Shine a Light" 24/7. Yet I couldn't help noticing the yellow sticker on the back of my copy of Tone Soul Evolution, where a date of April 16, 2003, has been stamped just above the price. Knowing a bit about the record-retailing world, I know that whoever sold the CD got rid of it on or just below that day. Maybe they saw the same Kohl's commercial and were so disgusted that one their favorite bands—maybe their most favorite band—sold out their music for some easy money. And if that's true, I know how they feel. But now, I can see the other side a bit more clearly.

Now about New Found Glory and Good Charlotte shilling for Honda Civic . . . you don't really think bratty millionaire rock stars are going around driving fucking Hondas, do you?

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