From OC to Shining Sea

90210 now outfoxed by Newports 92660

"I'd like a burger and fries, please."

"You want your ass kicked with that?"

Meanwhile, this just in: The blond highlights in Scott Peterson's hair are gone. I repeat, the blond highlights in Scott Peterson's hair are gone. Please remain calm and in your homes.

I don't know what's spookier these days, the news or the near absolute lack of it in most "news" media these days. As someone somewhere noted recently, the BBC, which is owned by the British government, is more critical and questioning of its government than the supposedly independent media is in this country. The press here hounded Bill Clinton for a year over a couple of Oval Office knee-tremblers, yet George W. Bush's reasons for leading us into a war in which thousands died are proving to have been a cavalcade of lies, and no one's taking him to task over it? Americans are still dying there—some days there are more casualties than when our flight-suited leader declared the war was "over"—yet there's almost no note of that, or the chaos racking Iraq, or the fact that we secured the ministry of oil while allowing nuclear facilities to be looted. I don't know if Saddam Hussein allowed radioactive materials to go on the black market, BUT WE JUST DID! Is that worth as much concern as Scott Peterson's hair?

Terrorists don't even need nuclear materials. How about just a match? Desperate tinderbox conditions exist in our local mountains today, yet the administration is holding up federal funds to aid the problem.

Most news sources also aren't talking about the story reported by the BBC and others that the dramatic footage and tale of Jessica Lynch's rescue was a wag-the-dog fabrication, or how Lynch's parents say they are now being "told" not to talk about their daughter's experiences.

Does anyone care that the Supreme Court is poised to slash the Miranda ruling? Our press doesn't.

Why was it Britain's Financial Times, and not a U.S. paper, that broke the story that the Bush administration suppressed a Treasury Department report projecting a staggering national deficit and calling for tax hikes, as it pushed its tax cut to further deepen the chasm? Meanwhile CNN did report, briefly, that most working parents earning under $26,000 a year will see zilch from the tax cut. All of this warrants investigation, diligent reporting and probably righteous outrage. And we barely even get highlights, unless they're Scott Peterson's.

Which brings me to mentioning that Friday is the last day of KPFK's (90.7 FM) spring pledge drive. Once upon a time, the station sounded like it was on the strident fringe to me. These days it's almost the only thing on the air that sounds like news, where the hard questions are asked, and the research is done to answer them. And they still find time to play some cool old R&B. Send them a whole big bunch of money, why don't you? Call it in to (818) 985-5735 and show them that the OC really does kick ass.

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