Thank you, Matt Coker, for your charming and witty column, A Clockwork Orange ("Thank You, George Bush," April 4). For speaking the truth to a dishonest leader, thank you, Matt Coker. For saying it as it is, even though the majority still refuse to listen, thank you, Matt Coker. For exercising your First Amendment rights, even though some would go so ridiculously far as to label you a "terrorist" ('cause if you're not in this war with us, then you must be a terrorist), thank you, Matt Coker. For expressing an opinion that doesn't fit their agenda, thank you, Matt Coker. For giving us a breath of fresh air amidst so much polluted news propaganda, thank you, Matt Coker.

Manar Afghani
Director of Operations
Visual Sound

I am in your debt this week (April 4)—what an issue! Not only was there Steve Lowery's "We Are a Legitimate Military Target" analysis and Matt Coker's brilliant thank you to Dubya, as well as lots of other supportive stuff for people like me who believe this war is stupid, unnecessary, and a big lie—but you also had two (!!) food reviews to gladden my vegetarian tummy: Gustavo Arellano's "Temple of Tofu" and Stephen Lemons' "Fromage Fantastic." Thanks for being there, OC Weekly, now more than ever.

Tina B. Tessina, LMFT, Ph.D.
Long Beach
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